Sprouts to take on the US market with a focus on farmers

Sprouts, the largest US agribusiness, is to begin rolling out a marketing strategy aimed at farmers across the country that will target young, healthy and healthy-minded consumers.

The move follows the introduction of a new Sprouts-branded food that comes in a range of flavours, including coconut, almond, grape and strawberry.

Sprouts’ new product, the Sprouts Grape Juice, will be available at farmers markets across the US in the next few weeks, with a retail price of $4.99 a pop.

Sprouts said the Grape Juice will be made in a US facility and will be blended with a premium grapefruit juice.

The company also announced plans to begin selling its new Grape Juice at the farmer’s market in Kansas, a move aimed at reaching young people who buy their food locally. 

In a blog post on Wednesday, Sprouts CEO Scott J. Hall said Sprouts is “working closely with leading food companies and the farmers markets to launch a new, focused marketing campaign for the first time.”

“Sprouts is making an important investment to grow its global footprint, which will help us continue to serve the global community, and continue to build upon our reputation for creating exceptional products that bring people joy and happiness,” he said.

“We’re confident our Grape Juice and our new Sprout brand will make an impact on farmers markets and communities across the United States and around the world.” 

A statement on Sprouts’ website said the new marketing campaign was aimed at young and healthy people, who are looking for something more than the “standard, processed, sweetened” diet.

“Sprout’s Grape Juice is the result of a partnership with the world’s leading farmers markets, a partnership that began with Sprouts offering a variety of fruit-based beverages in their local markets in 2017,” it said.

“Sprouts has been the leader in producing and selling healthy foods for more than 20 years, and the collaboration between Sprouts and local farmers is what allows Sprouts products to be sold in more than a billion markets around the globe.”

“We will continue to partner with farmers to grow our brand and offer new ways to experience healthy, delicious, local foods, like the Grape Jell-O and other products from Sprouts.”‘

A huge win’ for farmers’ marketA number of local and regional markets across Texas and Kansas have already taken Sprouts up on the offer to use their markets for the Grape juice, and Sprouts plans to continue to offer a range for sale.

“It’s great to see that Sprouts has taken the initiative to partner up with the local farmers to bring a new product to their local market, and we look forward to expanding our reach and expanding our brand in the coming months,” said Jeff Gattuso, president of the Association of State Farmers.

“This is a huge win for the farmers in our region, who have been growing and delivering high-quality products to our local markets, and are now being able to get the freshest, most nutritious ingredients available at a reasonable price,” he added.

“The Sprouts brand and product is incredibly popular, and has been one of the top selling food brands in the world for over 20 years.”

Sprouts said it will also begin offering its Grape Juice to local restaurants, which is expected to generate up to $100 million in sales, with plans to roll it out to grocery stores and grocery stores nationwide in the years ahead. 

“Sprays Grape Juice can be used in many ways to enhance your food experience, including on the go or in the car,” Sprouts chief marketing officer Chris Henshaw said in a statement.

“It’s our intention to be a leading food company that brings people joy, and is a proven leader in delivering fresh, delicious products and high-nutrition products to all who choose to consume our products.”‘

Grape juice to be an everyday product’A number US cities and states have already started selling Sprouts at their local farmers markets as part of their annual summer fruit and vegetable festival, which features a variety-based market offering.

“People are coming in droves to our farmers markets every year, and it’s our mission to keep Sprouts in their hands and make it as easy as possible for them to buy it,” Sprades CEO Hall said. 

Sprouts, which has about 50 plants in the United Kingdom, said it had been a key part of its success in the region, including the growth of its global sales. 

It will continue its global growth and offer the new Grape juice at its farmers markets.

“In 2018, Sprout will roll out a range from the latest and greatest in premium fruit juices to the fresher and freshest fresh produce that we are known for,” Mr Hall said in the statement. 

‘A natural extension of Sprouts mission’The new Spruses Grape Juice product will be marketed in all major markets and states, including California, Florida, Illinois,