Online Marketing

Startup owners and entrepreneurs, stop worrying about how to Market your service online. Just sit back and we’ll do the job for you.

With a proper marketing strategy let your startup rock in your niche.

Social Media Hunk

Be the next Social Media Star with us. We’ll tell you how to create a perfect Social Media Strategy for your website.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you want to create a huge following, we’ll help you.

Content Marketing

Keyword Research, Image Optimization, Source Articles. We’ll do the job for you.

Moreover, we’ll track your competitors, do your email list building and promote you in every possible start-up directories.

What is ?


We are not any tool or something like that. We are a group of SEO experts and Online Marketers.

Before, we’ve created many websites like,,, etc.

Online Marketing

With the experiences we got to know that having a good idea, money and team is not enough but you need a proper marketing strategy as well. We faced many problems is the early stage of our startups and when we learned about the power of Online Marketing, we created TheiStartup. Through TheiStartup, we help new and worthy startups in Online Marketing.

Today there are millions of websites and even if you have an unique idea, there must be someone already having a similar website like yours.


So how can you tell the world that your service is better than the rest?

You can do it with the power of Online Marketing.

But what if you don’t know how to do it or you don’t have enough time for this?

Get Professionals as your personal Virtual Marketing Assistant.

Now we can help you. We’ll give you a 4-weeks plan. in these 4 weeks we’ll help you in doing the online marketing work for your startup in a cost effective way.

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