How to create an Instagram account with $150K of free promotion

If you’ve ever wanted to launch a business and have a decent amount of followers but are struggling to raise capital, then you might want to consider an Instagram marketing campaign.

Here are the best ways to create a social media marketing campaign that will get you going:1.

The Instagram StoryStep 1: Create a new Instagram account.

Step 2: Add a description that you’re going to share with your followersStep 3: Post your latest content from the accountStep 4: Add tags to your posts that you want to promote to your followers and people who follow youStep 5: Post a link to your profile to let your followers know that you’ve joined the Instagram communityStep 6: Post the tag that you shared with your friends, if they have oneStep 7: Use hashtags like #dontmissit, #couchsurfing, and #cough #breakfast, to keep your followers engagedStep 8: Share your campaign on your personal Instagram account (or your favorite social media platform).

Step 9: Post on social media and get some free promotion.2.

The Social Network Marketing CampaignStep 1 : Create a brand new Instagram profile.

Step 1.

Create a blog and follow people who are in your niche.

Step 4.

Make a campaign that follows people who like your brand.

Step 5.

Get some followers to join your campaign.

Step 6.

Post your campaign and post some links on your social media channels.

Step 7.

Share your content on your blog.

Step 8.

Post the campaign link on your own Instagram page.

Step 9.

Post a video or photo from your campaign that you liked on your Instagram.

Step 10.

Share the video or image on your Facebook page.3.

The Pinterest Marketing Campaign (Or just create one)Step 1.: Create a Pinterest account.4.

Create your own profile on Pinterest.

Step 3.

Post photos of your products and ask your followers to vote on them.


Post pictures of your recipes, along with your comments and links to your recipes on your Pinterest page.

Add tags to posts that have been voted on, and to the tags of the posts that the followers have voted onStep 5 : Create and post a Pinterest campaign on PinterestStep 6 : Post your brand to the pages of your Pinterest accountStep 7 : Share your brand on your favorite Pinterest platformStep 8 : Share the campaign on the Pinterest page of your Facebook profile.

Note: This step is the hardest to do and takes a lot of time.

There are a ton of Pinterest marketing campaigns out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

I recommend you to create one campaign for every category you want your business to be in.

Steps for each category can be found on the following Pinterest marketing websites: Instagram Marketing – Facebook Marketing – Instagram Marketing – Pinterest Marketing – Twitter Marketing – Google Marketing