Why do you need a Facebook market?

A few years ago, Facebook became a billion-dollar company with a billion users.

And now, a year later, the company has sold more than $200 billion in stock and issued $3.4 billion in debt. 

And now, its a problem. 

The problem is that Facebook’s stock has dropped almost 100% in the last year. 

As the WSJ points out, the stock fell to $36.30 a share in the fourth quarter, down $2.5 billion in just one year.

It dropped even further in the second quarter, to $34.63. 

That’s the third-worst loss in Facebook’s history. 

According to Bloomberg, Facebook’s quarterly earnings for the third quarter of 2016 were a $4 billion loss, and its fourth-quarter loss was $5.7 billion. 

“Facebook has been the target of Wall Street’s most persistent bulls, including hedge funds, who have poured billions of dollars into its stock, and in the past, analysts have expressed concerns about the company’s ability to pay back its debt and continue to grow revenue,” the WSj article explains. 

Why is Facebook so bad?

Facebook’s recent stock woes aren’t the only reason why investors are fleeing Facebook. 

Over the past year, Facebook has been facing a series of scandals.

In September, it was revealed that Facebook had bought fake news sites and used them to spread misinformation about the election.

The company has also faced a number of lawsuits, including one in California. 

In June, Facebook was forced to remove an anti-harassment ad from its News Feed.

And in July, Facebook announced that it would no longer allow users to make posts on the site that contain offensive content, like “Kill Trump”. 

But it’s not just Facebook that has been suffering from bad stock performance. 

Google’s stock is down $3 billion in the third period, and has lost nearly $2 billion since its IPO in May of 2015. 

Other tech companies are seeing similar declines. 

Shares of Apple fell by more than 20% in 2018, and by more, by nearly 40% the following year.

That’s not to mention Apple’s stock in 2018 had lost more than 50% in a year, making it the worst performer in the tech sector in terms of stock price losses in the 20th century. 

Microsoft stock has also been struggling to regain some of its lost ground in recent years. 

Its stock dropped by nearly 20% since the company announced its fiscal 2018 results, and is down more than 30% in just two years.

Facebook’s share of Microsoft’s revenue is down by more then 40% since its first quarter of 2017. 

Apple’s stock fell by nearly 50% during the first quarter and has been down more then 25% in that time. 

On top of all of these stock declines, Facebook is also facing legal and regulatory pressure. 

Last week, Facebook filed a lawsuit in California against a company that it alleges was a front for Russian hackers to steal data.

The lawsuit, filed in August, alleges that Facebook was used to hack into the accounts of individuals who wanted to buy Facebook stock.

The defendants are also seeking to shut down Facebook.

This is just one of many cases where Facebook is facing legal challenges. 

So what should investors do? 

If you’re a tech investor, you should be prepared for a major fall in Facebook stock prices.

Facebook is an important target for tech investors who want to own stock in companies that are seen as rising stocks.

If you’re looking for ways to buy stock in tech companies, consider buying in companies with a proven track record. 

If Facebook were to fall by 50%, that would mean that the company is down 100% from its IPO. 

There’s also a risk that Facebook will lose some of the billions of it’s market capitalization in the process. 

It’s important to remember that a company is only worth what its stock is trading at, so the value of your shares may not necessarily be the same as the value it was trading at when you bought them. 

For example, Facebook could have a market capitalized value of $4.5 trillion, but now that it’s down $300 million, that’s actually down to $3,835 per share. 

Investors should also consider diversifying their portfolio into more technology-focused companies. 

But as it stands, Facebook will likely never be a good buy for tech-related investors. 

We recommend that you hold on to your shares, because there is no better way to diversify your portfolio than by buying a company with proven track records. 

Also, if you’re buying Facebook stock, you might want to consider doing some research on the company and what it is doing. 

Do you want to buy your shares at a discount?

If so, you can consider selling them at a higher price. 

You could also consider buying the company for pennies on the