How I Wrote my First Online Marketing eBook Story-#04.

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Publishing an eBook is the new trend in the industry. This is a great way of attracting more visitors at your website.

With Kindle Direct Publishing it has already become very easy to publish a book. Before this if we wanted to publish a book, we needed a publisher then convince them for publishing our book, etc . That was a quite hectic one.

Now that the only thing you needed for publishing an eBook has become so easy, all to need to do is create a great and engaging content.

I just finished publishing my first Online Marketing eBook on Kindle. Now I want to tell you How I did it .

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Writing an eBook.

Before I started to write the eBook, I felt like I couldn’t do it and suddenly I decided to start it at that very moment.

First of all like all the people around I decided my topic. The topic that I thought I can really write on. The IStartup is an online marketing agency and obviously I am good at helping a startup doing the marketing of it’s services all over the internet.

And hence I decided to write my first Online Marketing eBook.

Book Title

Now when I was done with my idea part, I needed to decide the Book Title. I think it was the most difficult plus fun part. I wasted around 1-2 hours write different titles on a white sheet and then cutting them off and lastly I used an online Content Idea Generation Tool to do the job.

With that tool I finally chose 4-5 Titles and decided to finalize it after sometime.

The Content Part

I had already thought that my Online Marketing eBook would be of around 30-40 pages (I don’t eBooks on such topics to be more than that).

And then I created a simple list of steps that I was supposed to write on. There were 7 steps of doing the marketing of a new startup that I collected from my past experience of doing the marketing of more than 50 startups.

It took me around 4 days to complete the whole book, I have also used my previous posts’ data because I had already tried to help entrepreneurs to maximize their business online.

Cover Designing

It was time to choose a perfect cover designing tool for my Online Marketing eBook cover. I am really a huge fan of Canva for doing such tasks.

I chose a related template and modified it.

Online Marketing eBook.
Online Marketing eBook.

Publishing it on Kindle

Now I was all done with the writing and cover part. It was time to publish it on Kindle. Yes, I was excited and really was not thinking about the results. All I needed was good reviews from my readers. So I didn’t price it very high

Online Marketing eBook
Online Marketing eBook

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Writing an eBook may seem like a difficult job at first, but when you write your first eBook you get the courage to write another one.


How I Wrote my First Online Marketing eBook Story-04.
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How I Wrote my First Online Marketing eBook Story-04.
Steps that I took from thinking the idea of my first Online Marketing eBook to publishing it on kindle without spending a dollar on it.
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The iStartup
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