3 Secrets about How to Get More Email Subscribers .

Running a website is not an easy task and getting a huge list of followers is even more difficult. But if you take this as a challenge and try to create a strategy, this can be a lot easier than you could imagine. But how the get more email subscribers for your website?

Through this post I will be answering your question with these

3 Secrets about How to Get More Email Subscribers .
3 Secrets about How to Get More Email Subscribers .

Proven ways of getting more email subscribers.

Let’s first start with these common questions on Email Marketing.

But what is the need of getting more email subscribers?

Blogging is a all about creating a great audience, who are willing to read amazing contents on your blog. If you use email marketing in right way you can build huge audience for your website in just few weeks and for this you will need the help of email marketing.

How will your website get benefited through email marketing?

If you succeed in getting a huge list of email subscribers, you will have a great audience who will always read whatever you write. These people will be your true followers and hence returning visitors and when you create a nice bond of trust with them, they may even get converted to your potential customers.

Why is email marketing a better way of getting more traffic than social media marketing?

Now this is controversial question but according to me your email subscribers are more loyal than your social media followers.


Only 5% of your Facebook and Twitter followers check your posts and open it sometimes (if you are lucky enough).

According to Google AdWords, there is only 2% average click through rate of most of the Pay Per Click advertisements where as the click through rate of a perfectly created email campaign can be of 10%.

Reader Magnets

How to get more email subscribers
How to get more email subscribers

Now what are reader magnets?

Producing high quality content that has the power of drawing huge attention of the readers.

If you are able to user reader magnets in a right way, you will get your first 10,000 readers in just few months, even if your website or blog is new in the industry.

Reader magnets can help those who wants to-

  • Get their first 10,000 readers.
  • Doesn’t want to spend money in ppc advertisements.
  • Write eBooks under the list of top 100 in Amazon.
  • Build a loyal list of followers.

Everyone who writes a blog, provides a subscription box in it but not everyone gets a huge crowd. Through Reader Magnets you can easily get a huge list of customers in just some steps.

  1. Get a domain name (I assume that you already have one.).
  2. An email marketing client.
  3. An eBook of your own.
  4. A free gift (A giveaway).

Now let’s start from the first step.

Writing an eBook.

Have you ever tried of it?

Writing an eBook may sound a little difficult part but trust me, its nothing like that.

Few weeks back I was also afraid of writing an eBook but when I started I wrote it in just a few days. I have also shared my experience of writing an eBook .

How I wrote my first eBook on marketing. 

But let’s wrap it up –

  • Choose a topic.
  • Start writing.
  • Use related pictures.
  • Add your website’s link.
  • Design your cover.
  • Publish it on kindle.

Now that you are ready with your eBook, price it free on Amazon and other eBook stores.

How to put an eBook free on Amazon?

Create a Landing Page.

The next step in the process is to create a landing page for your free offer, a page just for collecting email and some details.

How to get more email subscribers
How to get more email subscribers

If you are don’t want to give them eBook, you can also go for free video training instead.

Don’t ask too many question rather just take email address, first and last name because people like short things rather than filling a long form.

Now it’s time to Integrate your landing page with your email client.

I use Mailchimp as my email client. Although there are many email clients out there, providing free or paid services but I prefer Mailchimp.

With Mailchimp create a new list for saving up the new subscribers’ details. Let the name be like eBook subscribers for now.

Then go to “Signup forms” and create “General forms”.

Try to create and engaging form by adding some text and an image.

Now create a welcome email and as promised provide your readers your free eBook.

Sending your Social Media followers your free gift.

One day I was just checking out my Twitter message box and found this message that really drew my attention on it.

How to get more email subscribers
How to get more email subscribers

And I really signed up for that.

You can also send your followers an engaging message like this one and around 10-15% of your receipts will at least checkout your signup page.

A fixed on top Subscription bar.

How to get more email subscribers
How to get more email subscribers

I really don’t know why does this work but I have seen a 12% growth in my subscriber’s list in just few days.

I used Hellobar for creating the fixed on top subscription bar, it was just experiment to check whether it works on not and then it really did. In 15 days I saw a growth of around 12% subscribers on it.

As you can notice that my blog has two subscription boxes, one on the top and another on the right panel.

But this one works more than the right one. There can two reasons of it

  • It may be because with the top fixed box my visitors could subscribe at any point of time that is wherever they are reading anything on the website.
  • The email subscription box on the right side and there fields whereas the subscription box on the top requires only email.


3 Secrets about How to Get More Email Subscribers .
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3 Secrets about How to Get More Email Subscribers .
3 secrets about How to get more email subscribers in just few weeks. These hidden practices will help you getting your first 10,000 readers.
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