An Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant for Startups

Have you heard about Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants are the new trend in the industry. But how can an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant help your Startup grow, when there is such a huge competition in your niche?

Let’s see what does an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant can do in your Startup’s growth process.

What is an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant ?

In simple words, an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant is someone who manages your Company’s/brand’s Marketing related stuffs (mostly works from home).

What does an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant do?

Although there are many things a Virtual Assistant can do but when we are talking about Virtual Marketing Assistant. Here is a list of works that your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant is supposed to do-

  • Create a Content Marketing Strategy and update your blog on a regular basis.
  • Creation of Social Media Marketing Strategy for making your website/blog socially popular.
  • Creating, modifying and running your Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Conducting Keyword research for finding the most powerful and useful keywords according to your niche as keywords are necessary for both blog and PPC campaigns.
  • Promotion of your blog/website in every possible positive way.
  • Do a competitive analysis, so that your brand overcomes the competitors.
  • Create and run email campaigns. Email Marketing is 2017’s most preferred way of engaging with new customers.
  • Takes care of your website’s Search Engine Optimization.

Why should you consider a Virtual Marketing Assistant that a full time Marketing Assistant?

Yes, you can hire whatever you wish to, but for making your startup you need to understand the difference between a Full Time Marketing Assistant and a Virtual Marketing Assistant in depth.

Here is an Infographic that will tell you the benefits of hiring an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant than a Full Time Marketing Agent-

Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant
Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant- The iStartup

Why hire us as your Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Now that if you are convinced with the idea of hiring Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, you may think who to hire.

Generally, when someone hires a Virtual Marketing Assistant, it’s just one person who is supposed to do your Marketing jobs but when you decide to hire us as your marketing agency, we provide you a team of marketing experts who specializes in different fields like SEO, SMM, SERP, content marketing, competitor and keyword research, etc. Moreover, we would also promote you to our own followers and email subscribers so that your startup could get more attention even if it’s just in beta testing version or running.

As we have a team of Online Marketing experts we have a good idea of the industry and thus we know how to create a perfect online marketing strategy for your startup according to your niche and get your startup a great press release.

Know more about what we offer.


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