The Insider’s Guide to Startup Promotion with Infographic

Just after you decide to launch your startup, the first thing that comes in mind is your startup promotion strategy.

Every business either online or not needs to be promoted. How will people know that you have something that can change their world?

Even if you provide a real worthy service, you need to promote it in every possible way. A right strategy of Startup Promotion can create a huge list of customers.

But how to promote your startup for getting maximum engagement? Is there any proved strategy that can ensure your startup’s success?

No, there is not any proved strategy but you can create your own startup promotion strategy to get maximum engagements.

In this post I will be telling you some  unconventional ways of startup promotion that can help you grow with a month or two.

The Insider’s Guide to Startup Promotion-

Startup Directories

The Insider's Guide to Startup Promotion
The Insider’s Guide to Startup Promotion

Now that you have created a website for your startup or even you have some time to launch it. You can use startup directories for creating a buzz in the industry about your startup. There are many startup directories out there that can make your startup a star overnight. Although there are many free startup directories but some of them take time to publish your startup on their website.

Let’s explore some of the best startup directories.

  1. ProductHunt– Not so old yet the most powerful startup directory. ProductHunt is a totally free startup directory where you can add or startup’s website or even app and if somehow you manage to get your startup in it’s main page, you won’t need any other publicity. Registering an account at ProductHunt is totally free using your twitter or facebook account but for submitting your website or app you will need to become a ph contributor and that would take you at least 3 days.
  2. BetaList– Another very famous startup directory. If your startup is at it’s beta version, BetaList is the right choice for you. Although you can submit your startup in BetaList for free but it would take around 2 months to get approved and there is no confirmation that your startup will get approved. You can subscribe for its premium membership to get immediate results.
  3. Hacker’s News– The simplest way of Startup Promotion. If your startup is tech related then Hacker’s news is the easiest way of its promotion. Just create an account in some minutes and submit your startup for free. In just some minutes you will see a lot of people coming through Hacker’s news at your website.
  4. Reddit– Although Reddit is somehow a social media website but there are some subreddits that accept startups for promotions. Subresddits like Programming, if your startup is Programming related, Sideprojects– for your side projects and Startups– for your startup listing. All you need here is no money but just a Reddit account and some karma points so that you can post in the subreddits.
  5. Startup Ranking– Get your startup ranked in your country and even at the world level. Startup Ranking calculates your Social media followers, alexa ranking, page-views, etc and then provides and SR score for your website that decides your website’s rank in your country and world level. If you want to register for free, you will need to wait for at least two months or for immediate results you need to subscribe to it’s premium membership plan.

Social Media Marketing

Startup Promotion
Startup Promotion: Social Media Marketing.

What do you think of Social Media Marketing?

Being a Social Media Marketer is a job in itself. People find free lancers of even hire agencies to do their social media marketing in the right way. But what about a new startup, who needs to manage its expenses. Don’t be afraid of social media marketing rather research a little and do your job yourself.

Social media marketing, according to me is the fun part with some efforts and a little strategy. There are some points that you need to keep in mind while creating a right smo strategy for your startup. For now lets don’t go in depth but just explore the main parts of it-

1. Choosing the right platform according to your niche-

There are many social networking platforms out there but do you know which platform is the best one for you or may be two platforms. This is the common mistake that is done by most of the entrepreneurs, they try to promote their startups in every social media platforms.

Don’t be too enthusiastic, I understand that startup promotion matters for you. Try to explore what platform is right for your startup according to your niche. You can either decide it yourself or can even dig a little about your top competitors for what platform do they use for their promotions.

For example-Twitter is basically for niches that focus on contents more than images, Pinterest and Instagram are for sharing images. So if your website is related to blogging, you may choose Twitter and if it revolves around images more than text, use Pinterest and Instagram.

Note- Don’t use more than 2-3 platforms.

2. Best Time to Post- Timings matter a lot when you create a smo strategy.

Startup promotion
Source- Hootsuite

For getting more likes and retweets, followers and likes, you need to know the best posting timings.

Best time for posting on different Social Media Platforms-

  • Twitter- Although there are many sayings about the right time to post on twitter but here I will take Hootsuite’s. According to Hootsuite the best time to post on twiiter for getting maximum engagements is- Monday to Friday at 3 p.m.
  • Facebook- Here also I will take Hootsuite’s preference. The best time to post on Facebook is- from 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and on weekends it is from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
  • The best time to post on Instagram on weekdays is 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Read the whole article by Hootsuite, here.


3. Creating the right Hashtags.

Now, when you are ready to post on the right platform in the suitable timing, post everything with the right hashtags. Using Twitter you know what the trending hashtags are and try to use your own hashtags, everywhere you post. For example you can use your startup’s name is every post of yours. This is way of promotion of your startup’s name in itself.

4. Use more Visual items than simple text.

We are talking about Social Media and according to research, people are more attracted towards visual items than text items. That’s a point, you must have noticed in yourself as well. We all tend towards colors, graphics and images more than simple texts. So the next time you post use more and more images in place of simple text and links.

5. Use Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

If you are really wishing to succeed in social media marketing, you need an online tool to schedule your postings in your social media platforms. Use Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your post in facebook, twitter, etc.

Also Read- How to create a Social Media Strategy for a new website in 2017.

Add Content Marketing in your Startup Promotion Strategy.

Content Marketing
Startup Promotion: Content Marketing

Yes, you heard me right. Even if you have no idea about content marketing or you just own an e-commerce website, add content marketing to your must to do list. More than 95% of the website owners use content marketing for attracting more visitors and then use some conversion tactics to convert them to potential customers. You can do that too.

So, if you are convinced with idea adding for content marketing in your startup promotion strategy, let’s move on to creating a cm strategy for your startup in a short way.

  • First of all create a Blog page in your website
  • Do a little keyword research using tools like Google trends, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.
  • Create some good content with minimum 500 words with the right keywords according to your niche.
  • Add sufficient images to explain more. Use alt tags in every image.
  • Create powerful headlines.
  • Write a meta description and add the keyword in it.
  • Use internal linking.
  • Share it on social media after completion.
  • Use Analytics to know about the most viewed content and create similar contents.

Local Business Listing.

If you have a local space for your startup, use different listing pages like Google business listing, yellow pages, etc.

When you use Google business listing you get your address in the Google maps and whenever some searches for your startup or even something related to your startup, it automatically shows up your address, website and related details in the upper right corner of the search results.

For getting your business listed you need the following things-

  • A business name.
  • A local phone number (not a toll free number).
  • Street address (Google will verify it).

Pay Per Click Ads.

You must  have heard about Pay Per Click Ads. There are many PPC ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. So first of all you need to decide what platform you need to choose for your startup promotion strategy. But unlike the social media strategy, you could use as much as platforms possible.

In PPC ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can easily target your viewers and also in what region, your ads will appear.

Now, if you have decided to go for PPC ads, you need to prepare your first campaign. Take a pen and a paper and create your own strategy with these points-

Create a goal

The first step of any strategy is mostly the goal. Ask these simple questions about your startup.

  • What does my startup offer?
  • Who are my targeted audience?
  • What is our budget of campaigning?

Create a list of targeted keywords-

Use long tail keywords because they are highly targeted and even cost effective than short of single keywords.

You may use tools like SEMRush, Alexa, Ahrefs, etc for doing a proper keyword research.

Do a little competitor research-

For doing a competitor research, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is difference between your and your competitor’s services? Is there any benefit of using yours?
  • What are the keywords, your competitor is bidding on?
  • What are their landing pages?

Track your conversions-

Create a clear scenario of what kind of ads are attracting more customers and who are your best targeted audience.

For more details of PPC for startup marketing, read the Hubspot’s post.

Email Marketing

The Insider's Guide to Startup Promotion [Infographic]
The Insider’s Guide to Startup Promotion [Infographic]
For reaching the right customers, sometimes you need to knock directly on their doors. Email marketing allows you to do the same.

Try to collect more email subscribers and they will be your real readers. Social Media attracts people but you get only 5% of your followers, who really checkout your website but a perfectly created email can attract up to 15%.

Email Client

Now first of all you need to choose an email client to save contacts and send emails to all of them in just one go. Although sending personal email are more beneficial but that is a very tough part if you have a nice list of subscribers.

Although there are many email clients out there but these are my favorite ones-

  • MailChimp- The best email marketing client that you can use, if you want a budget friendly or even free email marketing client. With MailChimp you can save up to 2000 emails for free.
  • AWeber
  • MadMimi- Save upto 100 contacts for free.
  • Emma

So, when you are done with your email marketing client set up, you need to think how to create an email for maximum engagements.

Creating emails for maximum engagements-

  • Personalize your emails- Always add the first name of your subscriber in the start of your email, like instead of “Hello Sir” use “Hello John”.
  • Use simple text emails- You can use images to attract more people but using a simple text email is also very powerful. Just talk to your customer like your friend. See how Brian Dean emails you like he is simply talking to his subscriber.
    Startup promotion
    A simple email by Brian Dean.


  • Create mobile friendly emails- Do you know that more than 50% of the people use mobile phone to read emails? So imagine how creating a non mobile friendly email affect you.
  • Always test your email- Before you send your finalized email, test it once to check the visibility in your email box. This is a really healthy practice.

Creating Backlinks

According to Google, Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors, that decides the rank of your website in the search results.

But you should know that not all the backlins are good. Creating a good backlink can be a quite difficult task.

Although there are many ways of creating backlinks but for now checkout some of them.

  • Guest Blogging- Don’t think that Guest Blogging is dead. You can still get high quality backlinks through guest blogging. To find the websites that allow blogging in your niche just Google your niche name + “submit guest post”.
  • Reach your top influencers in the industry- Go to, create an account and search for the top influencers of your niche and dig a little to find their email addresses. Send them personal emails, asking them to review your articles. If your article is worthy enough, they may quote it on their websites.
  • Broken Links- Use chrome extensions like Check my links to find the broken links on someone’s website related to your niche and if you have some similar content, ask them to quote it with a simple email.

Startup Press Release

Getting a Press Release for your startup can be a boon for you. Although there are many websites that claim to offer Free Press Release for your website but trust me for getting a quality Press Release you need to spend some bucks.

Some popular PR providing websites-

For a full list of PR providing websites, click here.

Video Marketing

Why do you need Video Marketing? Here are points you should checkout-

  • By 2019, videos are going to have 80% of the web traffic.
  • Adding Video Marketing to emails can increase click through rates by more than 200%.
  • Adding videos in landing page can boost the conversion rate by more than 80%.
  • More than 87% of Online Marketing experts use video marketing in their marketing strategies.

Now, still confused about benefits of Video Marketing? I hope not.

For more details on Successful Video marketing, click here.

Sharing Infographics for Startup Promotion.

Infographics, as the name states is a way of providing Information in a graphical way. Thus, a great way of providing information in a representative manner.

How to create an Infographic-

You can either hire a Freelancer to get a desired Inforgraphic created or create it yourself using online tools.

  • Getting your Infographic created by a freelancer- If you don’t want to create it yourself, you can hire a professional. Apps like Fiverr and Freelancer allows you to get your infographic designed by the professionals. A normal Infographic can cost you up to $5.
  • Creating your own- You can also create your own Inforgraphic for free using online tools like Canva or Visme.

Sharing your infographic-

Now that you are done with creating a beautiful Infographic, you need to share them on different platforms for attracting more people to your website.

  • Share your Infographic in Social Media- You can share it on different Social Media Platforms.
  • The best place to share your infographic is Through you can share your infographic and get the sights more people who are searching for similar kind of Infographics.
  • Mashable- Imagine how it would be, if Mashable uses your created Infographic? A great victory in itself. But if you decide to submit your infographic to Mashable, you can’t share it in any other platform because as per mashable’s guidelines, you can only submit a new and unshared infographic. Visit Submit News.
  • Infographic Reviews
  • SlideShare- LinkedIn’s service that allows you to share presentations, infographics, slides, etc.

For a complete list of places where you can share your infographics, click here.

The iStartup- 😉

Startup Promotion
Startup Promotion

Yes, as you know that we also a marketing agency. You can use for your startup promotion. Right now we are providing a free service for one month for free but that is not going to be for much more time.

How can we help you grow your startup?

We will provide you a 1 month plan. Every week we’ll focus on a single agenda in the process of startup promotion.

Week 1- We’ll setup your website’s SEO. We’ll create a report about your website’s SEO and help you fixing up your negative points.

Week 2- We’ll provide you a list of startup directories, where you can submit your startup. We’ll also add you in some of them ourselves.

Week 3- Social Media Marketing. We’ll provide you a perfect strategy for marketing your startup’s social media pages and hence creating a huge list of followers and social media audience.

Week 4- The last but not the least, we help you creating a right content marketing strategy for your website. We’ll help you finding the right keywords, competitor analysis and provide you a list of useful tools according to your niche.

Join us, It’s free.

So this is a the complete list of Startup Promotion Methodologies. Now if you wish to promote your startup and take it to level next, you can follow the steps and create your own sunshine. If you really have something that can be useful for the world and know how to promote it the right way, you will not need anything more to get success.

Startup Promotion Infographic
Startup Promotion Infographic


Startup Promotion Infographic
Startup Promotion Infographic






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