How to create a Social Media Strategy for a new website in 2017

How can you build your own Social Media Strategy in just few minutes-

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy is something that can help you get on the top or can even let you destroy your brand name. So what makes a good Social Media Strategy for a new website. Obviously it is the easiest and worthiest way to get you new tiny website in the lime lights. There is nothing left in this world that is away from social media.

This article can helpful if you-

  • Have created a new website and want to grow your traffic by 35%.
  • Need your startup or website to get in the limelight.
  • Want to create your own brand awareness.

Now that if you are ready to proceed get a pen and paper and ask the following question from yourself-

  • Why do I need a Social Media Strategy?
  • Which Social Media Platform should I go for? 
  • What should be my priority, text or images?
  • How many tweets or posts do I need in a week?
  • What online tools can be helpful in the process?

Let’s move forward and help you finding the right answers for the question that will help you build your first Social Media Strategy in 2017.

1. Why do you need a Social Media Strategy?

Social Media is most powerful thing in today’s world. Without a Proper Social Media Strategy you may even get a backfire. You can use Social Media for many purposes like connecting with your audience, knowing their field of interests, gaining trust and much more.

So in short a proper Social Media Strategy can help you in many ways in the process of your development.

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy

2. Which Social Media Platform you should choose?

This question is very important, you really need to be clear about which is the best platform for your website according to your niche.

Most of the people get confused in this question and choose to use as maximum as possible platforms. But this is not even close to the right way rather it is a very bad idea and can even destroy your brand reputation.

People want to get close to you and connect, if you really have something interesting but they don’t want to feel disgusted even.

Choose a platform that is somehow related to your brand niche. For example you are running an online shoes store and want to grab more customers through social media. The perfect platform match for such an occupation is Facebook and Instagram and not Twitter and LinkedIn. Use Facebook and Instagram, show off your products by adding images, get more people attracted and hence get more potential customers.

3. What should be your priority text or images?

This question is somehow related to the last one. Social Media basically likes images no doubts. But what should be the priority? Text can help people understand about your content or product but images add more beauty to it.

Add more images if you have an e-commerce website, where products need to be shown but if you have a content blog you should focus on text part more. You should add both images and text in almost every tweet or post but also try to maintain the balance according to your niche.

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4. How many tweets or posts do you need in a week?

When you are creating a strategy you should keep in mind about the schedules.

Schedules help us gain more trust of the viewers. The people who like your blog or website waits to get new updates. The more you update timely the more you gain trust. Same is with the Social media.

You need to schedule everything like your Tweets or Facebook Posts. Tweets can be 3-4 times a day and 1-2 Facebook posts daily. You can schedule it as per your need but never let your followers miss you rather try to remind them about your business at least twice a day.

5. What Online Tools can be helpful in the process?

There are many tools out there that can really help you in many ways. Personally I recommend Buffer, Hootsuit and

Here is a list of best Social Media Tools from which you can select as per your convenience.

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