5 Most Powerful Online Competitive Analysis Tools

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Internet is full of your competitors, even if you start something different there must be someone providing similar services. But if you want to get more visitors, leads and hence more sales, you need to do a lot of work to grow yourself higher. In this process you need to keep a check on your competitors as well.

5 Most Powerful Online Competitive Analysis Tools

5 Most Powerful Online Competitive Analysis Tools

Let’s move ahead and try to explore your competitor’s growth secret with these 5 Awesome Online Competitive Analysis Tools.


1. SEMRush


The most loved and trusted tool by many bloggers or site owners.

As keyword research is a very important part in your growth process, this tool makes it really easier for you.

Imagine you are running a blog and you need top ranked keywords, check what keywords your competitor’s site is ranking for,  you can also check for CPC, volume and many more things  for any keywords at just one place.

SEMRush allows you to find all the keywords for which any website or blog is ranking with proper statistical details. You can also check for what keywords does your website ranks.

The tool is free with limited features but if you are really serious about your blogging you need to go for the premium version. I can assure you that whatever money you spend here will prove to be a good investment in future.

This is a very useful tool when talking about content marketing and competitive analysis.

Visit SEMRush


2. What Runs Where


Another power tool from online Competitive Analysis Tools list.

What does What Runs Where really do?

  • It tells you about what ads your competitor is running on the Google network, it includes both image ads and text ads.
  • It also tells you about the landing page of the ads.
  • Are they using any other ad network than Google?
  • Change in your competitor’s ads over time.

This is the best tool if you wish to spy on your competitor’s ad networks and ads. Besides these all details it also lets you export all the data to analyze in offline mode.

Using this tool you can easily explore what type of ads help your competitor to grow their business and how can you use them as a part of your growth strategy.

Visit WhatRunsWhere


3. BuzzSumo


The Social hulk comes here. The best way to learn about all the social shares of any post from your competitor.

i don’t how it does but it really shows an accurate measure of all the social shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

You don’t need to check your competitor’s Social media pages to keep a check on the most viral posts but just use BuzzSumo and get all the details about all the shares.

Although BuzzSumo is also a premium tool but you can opt for 14-day free trial plan.

Also Read- How to use Google Trends as a Free Keyword Research Tool.

Visit BuzzSumo

4. Ahrefs

Mostly known as the backlink checker but it’s just a small part of it.

Ahrefs has many features like URL rating, Domain rating, Ahrefs rank, backlinks, referring page, comtent and domains, anchors, sitewide/not sitewide, fresh index/live index and top pages.

This is complete package of spying all the backlinks with its authority  rates and many more.

As backlinks are a very important part in the Google Ranking system and you wish to get more authentic links you need Ahrefs. Through Ahrefs you will be able to know about your competitor’s backinks and its sources.

Ultimately by using these information you can try to get more backlinks for your website. But try to get good backlinks and not poor quality backlinks because it may give you a backfire.

Visit Ahrefs.


5. Alexa


The most popular tool among all the competitive analysis tools list.

Alexa is an Amazon Company, founded in 1996. Alexa is basically for Digital Marketers, Site owners and publishers and Content marketers.

It just not helps you to understand the whole competitive scenario of your niche but also tells you about your website’s monthly page views, unique visits, bounce rate and much more.

For a content marketers, alexa is a great tool that helps from idea generation to its management of a new content.

Visit Alexa

This is the list we prepared a right Competitor Analysis, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to use to comment box.

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