5 Google Ranking Factors that you should focus on in 2017

Top 5 Google Ranking Factors that you should focus on in 2017

Are you also trying to find out the ways of ranking higher in Google Search Results?

If yes, then start thinking about the factors that google uses to rank a certain page in it’s search results.

How does Google Rank a website?

There are certain Google Ranking Factors that are the responsible for SERPs. These are the set of some factors that can help you to get your website ranked in the top results.

So what are the factors?

In this post I will tell you the top 5 factors that Google uses to rank a certain page in it’s search results.

These factors are beneficial for any kind of websites. Now without wasting your time, let’s move on to the Top 5 Google Ranking Factors that you should focus on in 2017.


Google Ranking Factors
Google Ranking Factors

Any professional blogger would keep this in the first position in the Google Ranking Factors. Although now a days there are many ways of creating low quality backlinks through wrong ways but if you also do so then stop right now because Google can penalize you for this anytime or even worse you may get blacklisted by it.

Creating Good quality backlinks can be quite difficult for you. But there are still several ways through which you can get quality backinks to your website.

This tells Google that your website has something good and can be very useful to the visitors searching for the related keywords.

So the more quality backlinks you get the more are the chances to get in the Google Search Results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

As per a particular survey, 93% of the websites use Content Marketing to get in the SERPs.

Content Marketing helps you to get more keywords related to your website. These keywords helps you to rank in the Google Search Results.

Using right keywords with long-tails can help you getting in the search results easier than getting in the results for one or two phase keywords.

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Page Load Time

Mostly neglected factor among all the Google Ranking Factors. Page Load time is very important because a delay of even 1 sec can result in the loss of 11% visitors and even worse a website that doesn’t load itself under 4 secs are abandoned by 25% of users.

None has the time to waste, everyone loves fast live and hence a fast website. Thus keeping this in min Google uses this as a ranking factor.

So for getting the SERPs more quick, get a ping test of your website and optimize it asap.

Check Your Website’s Load Time.


Bounce Rate

Google Ranking Factors
Source- Backlinko.com

You must have heard about the bounce rate.

Bounce Rate is the average time that is spent on your website. Most of the website has the rate of more than 70% Bounce rate but that is not at all a good sign.

Now how can Google miss the point. The more people love your posts the more they will stay on your website and trust me Google never looses a chance to impress though it’s search results.

Now that you know the importance of Bounce rate, don’t waste time and go to your website and add more exciting and interesting posts that may help you in reducing your Bounce rate.

As per surveys

  • 26-40 % is an excellent bounce rate.
  • 41-55% is an average bounce rate.
  • 55-70 % is not a good bounce rate.
  • More than 70% is bad and needs to be taken care of.

Domain Authority and Page Authority.

A very less known but still an important factor among all the Google Ranking Factors.

Domain Authority-  Domain Authority is a score card by Moz that tells you the chances of ranking in the Google Search Results ranging from 1-100. Where 1 is for the worst websites and 100 for the best ones. It is the authoritative strength of the whole website

Page Authority- Similar to Domain Authority, it is also a score card by Moz ranging  from 1-100. it is the authoritative strength of a single page in that domain.

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These are the most important Google Ranking Factors that you should focus on in 2017. By improving the given factors, you can easily rank for certain keywords in sometime.




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