Why is there a Dallas Farmers Market?

A small market in the heart of downtown Dallas has become a destination for thousands of people each weekend for an event that brings together the best of local foods and craft vendors.

This week, the annual Farmers Market opened for the first time since the city began hosting the event in 2015.

It’s an event many locals are still getting used to.

The market started out in the late 1980s when a small group of local farmers started gathering in the small market on the grounds of the former Sears Tower in the city’s northwest side.

But over time, the market grew to a thriving community of more than 40 vendors.

The event began with just a handful of vendors who had never been to Dallas before and then expanded to more than 100 vendors and hundreds of food trucks.

The farmers market is open for free to the public on Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. on the main square.

But you can purchase tickets for up to 50 people, which will get you in line to purchase some of the best food available, such as chicken tikka masala, beef tikkas and cheese-flavored bread.

The market also has a “downtown” section where you can also purchase food and beverages from restaurants and boutiques.

It’s located at 15th and Main.

The Farmers Market is the largest in the Dallas area.

The markets main focus is the local farmers and their products.

The vendors have their own “farm” and sell their products at their market.

The Farmers Market has been running for the past three years, but it’s only been in the spotlight this year because of a new law that will allow for it to stay open as long as the City of Dallas is a “community development district.”

The Farmers Markets mission is to “bring together the farmers and the local business community to promote and foster the economic development of our communities,” according to a press release.

“We are also a part of a partnership with the Dallas Alliance for the Arts, which provides support for arts programs and community engagement.

Farmers Market will be the first market in Dallas to be officially supported by the Arts Council of Dallas.”

The Dallas Farmers Markets website says the farmers market provides opportunities for “community engagement” and promotes “a healthy food and community-oriented environment for farmers and consumers to grow their businesses.”

The farmers markets goal is to bring together the city and the farmers.

This is an opportunity to make Dallas more “community-minded,” said Mike Egan, who owns the market.