How to buy Amazon in Australia: How to use the Amazon Marketplace

Posted August 13, 2018 04:13:47 Amazon Australia is a platform for retailers to sell their products on Amazon and has grown to include over 80,000 merchants and their employees.

But despite Amazon’s growth, there are some big questions to be answered about the Australian market and its future.

What’s the biggest risk to Australian consumers?

How can Amazon protect its position in the future?

We’re joined by one of the authors of the article, Michael J. Cusick, a senior partner at law firm Cusack & Co. He is an expert in Australia’s legal and regulatory environment and the Australian Retail Association’s (ARMA) Chief Compliance Officer.

We’ll talk about the most important issues to keep an eye on in the Australian marketplace, including the impact of government intervention on retail, the potential for competition, and the future of the Australian retail industry.

Michael will also discuss the role of the government and the ARMA in Australian retail and the importance of ensuring consumers are adequately protected against fraud and abuse.

The following is a lightly edited transcript of the discussion.

Michael Cusok is a senior Partner at Cusacks Law Firm and Chief Compliance officer for the Australian Government and ARMA.

Michael has over 15 years experience in Australia as a retail and regulatory expert, working for the Commonwealth, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and many other government bodies.

Michael holds a Master of Public Administration (MPAA) from University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Laws from Griffith University.

He currently works as a Principal Deputy Director at ARMA and is a former member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Trade and Industry, as well as an Assistant Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Sydney.