Watch out, the NFL will no longer use your Twitter account for advertising

The NFL is getting rid of its official Twitter account.

The league announced that it will no more be using the account to promote its games or other products.

The news came via a tweet from NFL Vice President of Marketing David Campo: “This is the end of the official Twitter for the NFL.

We are not using Twitter for any other purposes.

We will no long be using this platform to promote our products or services.”

The announcement came at the end, of course, of a major season in which Twitter’s userbase grew dramatically.

The NFL account, which was in operation since 2014, was used by a number of its teams and brands.

It’s not the first time the league has taken a page from social media.

Last year, the league announced it would be using a new brand to promote the Super Bowl, the “Twitter NFL Experience.”

The NFL has also partnered with Twitter for some of its other advertising, including its “The NFL” series.

However, the brand is a one-off.

The agency that created the brand will not be used again.

In addition to Twitter, the agency is also working on a new TV ad for the league that will debut in January.

The official Twitter has also been the source of many controversies.

The platform was used as a place for users to post videos, photos, and other content about the league.

However the platform’s reputation has suffered in recent years after the league was caught in an infighting with the NFLPA.

In November, the union announced that the league had been fined $100,000 and placed on probation for five years for using “inappropriate, vulgar, and demeaning language.”