Why Apple’s Apple Watch is one of the biggest business hits of 2018

Apple’s new Apple Watch may not be the biggest product of the year, but it is the biggest for many.

It’s also one of its biggest market opportunities.

The $349 Apple Watch faces a tough road to market.

Its initial release was met with a lot of skepticism, including from analysts who said it wouldn’t do much.

That criticism has since been alleviated by its performance.

And the company has done a better job at showing the Watch as a smartwatch than it did at unveiling the original Apple Watch in June.

While the Watch was initially expected to be limited to people who wear a smart watch, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company’s WWDC 2017 keynote that the company is now seeing consumers want a smart-watch version.

In a recent Q&A session, Cook was asked about the future of the Watch and he said: “There are some things that you can do that [aren’t] possible with a traditional watch.”

While the Apple Watch has done well in the marketplace, it hasn’t done well enough for Apple to go out and raise money to buy more units of the product, said John Ragan, chief executive of the consulting firm iSuppli.

Ragan pointed out that Apple has a long history of selling watches that are built for other brands.

“They’re very good at selling watches in other countries.

And that makes sense, because they are also very good in China,” Ragan said.

While it may not make for the best watch for Apple, the Apple watch is still a smart device, and it has an excellent user experience.

It can also be a good tool for companies looking to build up their product portfolio.

The biggest hit for Apple Watch was the iPhone X, which launched last week.

Sales of the new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been strong, which is a good sign for Apple.

The company also had a strong fourth-quarter, and the earnings report this week showed the company was growing sales in a number of areas.

Apple is also making a lot more money than it has in the past.

The Apple Watch now has a price tag of $349.

That’s more than the $349 price tag for the Apple iPhone X and the $399 price tag that Apple had for the iPhone 8 Plus, according to research firm IDC.

Apple’s Watch is expected to generate $4.6 billion in sales for the first half of 2018.