What’s going on in Tesla’s market cap?

teslas market cap is up to $5.8bn, but there are signs the carmaker is going to be looking to raise capital.

The company is looking to take on a $1.5bn debt facility, which could allow it to fund a number of acquisitions.

Tesla is also set to launch a new vehicle with a much lower price tag of $35,000.

The Model 3, a sedan with a starting price of $75,000, is set to be launched this year, although it will not be priced at that level.

The launch of the Model 3 has also caused a spike in Tesla stock, and has brought a fresh wave of interest from investors.

The Tesla IPO has raised $6.6bn so far, which is up from the $5bn raised last year.

However, investors have reacted negatively to the announcement.

Tesla’s stock has fallen by more than 90% over the last two months, and shares have fallen even further this year.

Tesla has been a key part of Tesla’s business for years, and the company is currently one of the biggest private car companies in the US.

The carmaker has also been expanding its offerings to include electric vehicles and even a fully electric luxury SUV.