20 Free Blogging Tools for Successful Online Marketing.

Doesn’t matter whether you are running an online business or a simple blog, blogging is the best way of generating organic traffic to your website. You need many things for that and these free blogging tools can help you in completing the task.

93% of the people use Content Marketing for generating traffic in their websites. 

These free blogging tools can help you manage your Content Marketing in an easy and successful way.

25 Free Blogging Tools for Successful Content Marketing

Google Analytics

Free Blogging Tools
Free Blogging Tools

The best tracking tool for any website.

With one Analytics account you can track up to 100 websites for free. You can check your most popular posts, traffic sources, social media features, organic traffic, etc. With this tool you can easily analyze your website’s traffic and track your audience.

Easy to use and a reliable tool that can help you grow your website’s audience in a strategical way.

Content Idea Generator

Useful plus fun tool. A free online tool that can help you generating content ideas when you are in no mood of thinking of something new of your own.

All you need to do is answer 18 simple questions about your niche and services and this tool will generate hundreds of great ideas for your another new post, articles, podcasts-commerce, etc.

Content Idea Generator


Free Blogging Tools
Free Blogging Tools

Pixabay is the best online tool for getting copyright free images.

Images are the best way of conveying and idea to your visitors. Images attract more than the words do.

It has over 970,000 copyright free images in different categories. You can download images from it, modify them, add them in your blog posts or distribute them as per you wish to.


Social Media Marketing Tools 2017

A free online tool for creating attractive designs for web or print.

I use canva for creating dynamic Info-graphics. There are many free templates that you can use for creating different designs.


A free email marketing tool.

Email Marketing is the another powerful way of attracting more people to your website. MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers of your website. You can easily create powerful emails and send it to all your contacts and subscribers in just one go.

Survey Monkey

Create and publish simple online surveys in minutes After publishing a survey you can track it’s results in real time.


Evernote is a set of online tools that can help you manage your contents in an easy and organised way.

Through evernote you can share your ideas, discuss it and sync it anywhere you need to. It is an all in one platform for organizing your contents.


Another powerful Image modification tool.

A free tool through which you can edit or modify an image as per your desire. Easy to use with powerful editing tools.


A trusted visitors tracking widget for more than 1 million users.

Feedjit shows you how many people visited your website and what page did they view. It also tell you the location and the source they came through.



More than 70% of the world uses WordPress as there blogging platform.

It is free to use with limited features. There are plenty of themes and widgets that one can use for successful blogging.


Second most popular free blogging platform from Google.

A completely free blogging platform. Easy to use and have many free templates and widgets for successful blogging.


Free Blogging Tools
Free Blogging Tools

Partially free online tool that can help you know your social media reach. Using it you can easily track your socially powerful posts.


A powerful keyword research tool. Through SEMRush you can easily find most popular keywords according to your niche and add it in your blog posts.

SEMRush can tell you a lot about a certain keyword like cpc, vol., etc.


A very popular free Social Media Management tool.

A free content scheduling tool. Simply integrate your social media accounts and buffer will do the posting jobs for you.


Free Blogging Tools
Free Blogging Tools

Just like buffer another powerful Social Media Management tool.

Hootsuite also helps you to schedule your postings. Just like buffer all you need to do is integrate your social media accounts and rest will be done by the tool.

Hootsuite is a more popular tools than buffer.


Although free for just 14 days, kissmetrics can help you in increasing conversions, driving engagements and growing retention.

Kissmetrics will track your key growth segments and analyze the potential impact on your business.

Know more about Kissmetrics.


A powerful tool for engaging with your visitors and converting them to potential customers.

Hellobar is a free online tool through which you can easily creating engaging popups and grow your business or subscribers.

Focus Booster

It is a free tool that uses the pomodoro technique that shall help you in empowering your focus on a certain topic.

Not so useful but still a good tool for keeping you focused.

Google Docs

Create, edit any document at the same time. The all in one tool for any type of content creation and editing.

Free like many other Google tools. Easy to use with powerful features.


Amazing online tool for measuring text readability.

If you wish to succeed in your content marketing strategy, you need to create quality posts.

Using Readable.io you can easily measure the readability of any text posts using an algorithm like Flesch-Kincaid and the Gunning Fox index.

Try Readable.io

The iStartup

Last but not the least. The iStartup helps any online startup to do a better online marketing in a strategical way.

We provide a 4-weeks plan for every startup registered with us and help them in Online Marketing.

Know more about TheiStartup.com.

Free Blogging Tools
Free Blogging Tools












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